stainless steel grades
aluminum bar and tube grades
non-ferrous metals processing
brass and copper rounds and flats

Our full-time staff metallurgists provide value to our customers by answering questions on specifications and material selection. That may involve evaluating customer requirements and advising what materials, grades or processes will satisfy them. It may involve advising on expected product performance and limitations. These experts even have the ability to forensically analyze failures and apply their knowledge to claims or to recommend alternate grades for better performance.


And, of course, they review mill reports to assure that the metals we supply conform to the published specifications in our stock list.

  • Advise on metals properties/specifications
  • Advise on expected performance
  • Analyze failure (forensics)
  • Bring interface/expertise to mill claims
  • Review manufacturing processes; suggest alternate grades to improve performance
  • Assist in product designs to identify grades for best cost/performance characteristics
When you buy from CSW you can be confident in the traceability of everything we sell. Copies of Material Test Reports can be retrieved from this web site, as well as SDS/MSDS for all products we supply.
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