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plasma and laser cutting steel
kitting and JIT of metal parts
steel distribution logistics

Many manufacturers have CSW manage their total supply chain for metals and fabricated parts. They leverage our buying power, processing and fabrication capabilities, plus inventory management and logistics. That lowers their costs and lets them focus on what they do best - design and build great products.

We work with customers to develop programs with specific goals and metrics for cost savings, quality improvements and shorter production cycles. We use the services listed on the right, plus continuous improvement initiatives, to take these programs to the next level and help foster our customers' success.

  • Strategic global sourcing and qualified mill partners providing prime materials
  • Value Analysis Team
  • Central Steel Fabrications for world class processing services
  • Complete Quality Control and records
  • Finished Goods inventory management
    programs: JIT, KANBAN and Kitting
  • Interface to your ERP/MRP system
  • Efficient, reliable logistics services
  • Experienced account managers facilitate
    your account needs
  • Consistent pricing to support contractual
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